Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme to hold lucky draw of 1.6 million applicants: Rt. Lt. General Anwar Ali Hyder.

There have been over 2 million applications and requests for the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme and out of those around 1.6 million have been finalized and gone to the second stage after going through a NADRA database check.

Naya Pakistan Housing to hold lucky draw of 1.6 million applicants according to the project chairperson Rt. Lt. General Anwar Ali Hyder.

He spoke about the construction sector mentioning the hurdles being faced by people in the industry which included taxes, financing and required approvals but the current PTI-led government was working around these issued and has ensure that convenience will be provided to the common man.

Speaking about the loans worth Rs. 30 billion announced by Prime Minister Minister Imran Khan that will be provded at special rates, Lt. General Hyder said:

Loans would be given at 5% interest rate to those who build 5-marla houses and at 7% to those who build 10-marla houses,

People with lower incomes with be eligible for a loan of Rs. 300,000 and Lt. General Hyder said that the private sector will have to take the lead in building homes in the this industry.

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